Single Word Substitution

Q91. A movement of part of the body to express an idea or feeling
(a) Jibe
(b) Gesture
(c) Pose
(d) Mimicry

Q92. A person who is physically dependent on a substance
(a) Criminal
(b) Martyr
(c) Gladiator
(d) Addict

Q93. The custom of having many wives
(a) Bigamy
(b) Polygamy
(c) Urogamy
(d) Matrimony

Q94. Fear of closed spaces
(a) Claustrophobia
(b) Agoraphobia
(c) Hallucination
(d) Obsession

Q95. Rocks solidified by molten lava are
(a) Igneous
(b) Basalt
(c) Metamorphic
(d) Granite

Q96. The manner in which one conducts oneself
(a) Digress
(b) Discreet
(c) Descry
(d) Demeanour

Q97. One who completely abstains from liquor is known as
(a) Titotaller
(b) Teetolar
(c) Teatotaller
(d) Teetotaller

Q98. A person with a positive outlook on life
(a) Pessimist
(b) Rationalist
(c) Optimist
(d) Realist

Q99. A medical facility for long-term illness
(a) Sanatorium
(b) Clinic
(c) Pharmacy
(d) Auditorium

Q100. Money paid to employees on retirement
(a) Pension
(b) Gratuity
(c) Advance
(d) Deposit

Q101. A person who steals the writing of others
(a) Popular
(b) Plagiarist
(c) Nepotism
(d) Plagiarism

Q102. Animals living in water
(a) Aquatic
(b) Amphibian
(c) Gregarious
(d) Mammals

Q103. Things that have been rejected or discarded as worthless
(a) Flotsam
(b) Mayhem
(c) Remains
(d) Slug

Q104. A short statement expressing a general truth
(a) Maxim
(b) Rhetorics
(c) Conciseness
(d) Infer

Q105. Study of tumors
(a) Bryology
(b) Entomology
(c) Oncology
(d) Ontology

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