Physics GK Question

Q61. The amount of matter in a ball of steel is its
(a) Density
(b) Volume
(c) Weight
(d) Mass

Q62. Which one of the waves have the longest wavelength
(a) Violet
(b) Red
(c) Blue
(d) Green

Q63. Kirchoffs Voltage Law is known as
(a) Conservation of Charge
(b) Conservation Energy
(c) Both
(d) None of these

Q64. Positive feedback is used in
(a) Amplifiers
(b) Rectifiers
(c) Oscillators
(d) None of these

Q65. Echo is heard due to
(a) Refraction
(b) Scattering
(c) Reflection
(d) Interference

Q66. The quantity that is not conserved in an inelastic collision is
(a) Momentum
(b) Kinetic Energy
(c) Total Energy
(d) All of these

Q67. A freely suspended magnet remains horizontal at
(a) The magnet equator
(b) The magnetic north pole
(c) The magnetic south pole
(d) The geographic pole

Q68. According to Rutherford's atomic model, the electrons inside an atom are
(a) Centralized
(b) Not Stationary
(c) Stationary
(d) None of these

Q69. Rainbow is formed due to a combination of
(a) Refraction and Scattering
(b) Dispersion and total internal reflection
(c) Refraction and absorption
(d) Dispersion and focussing

Q70. Kirchhoff's laws are applicable to
(a) D.C. circuits only
(b) A.C. circuits only
(c) D.C. and A.C. circuits both
(d) None of the above

Q71. The frequency used in TV and radar system lies in
(a) VHF
(b) HF
(c) SHF
(d) UHF

Q72. Who indirectly determined the mass of the electron by measuring the charge of the electron
(a) Thomson
(b) Millikan
(c) Rutherford
(d) Einstein

Q73. Atomic hydrogen has a life period of
(a) One hour
(b) One day
(c) One minute
(d) A fraction of a second

Q74. The dimension of Planck constant equals to that of
(a) Energy
(b) Momentum
(c) Angular momentum
(d) Power

Q75. Heavy water is used in nuclear reactor to
(a) Slow down neutron
(b) Absorb neutron
(c) Increase temperature
(d) Increase speed of neutron

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