Physics GK Quiz

Q91. Sound waves do not show the phenomenon of
(a) refraction
(b) interference
(c) diffraction
(d) polarisation

Q92. In a magnetic field, the direction of motion of a current carrying conductor is given by
(a) Maxwell's right hand rule
(b) Lenz's rule
(c) Flemings left hand rule
(d) Kirchoff's law

Q93. A metal-semiconductor junction diode is called _______
(a) Schottky diode
(b) Photo diode
(c) Tunnel diode
(d) P-N Juction diode

Q94. 1 amu is equivalent to
(a) 1 eV
(b) 931 eV
(c) 931 KeV
(d) 931 MeV

Q95. The impurity atoms with which silicon should be doped to make p-type semiconductors are
(a) phosphorus
(b) antimony
(c) boron
(d) germanium

Q96. In a nuclear reactor, cadmium rods used to
(a) absorb excess neutrons
(b) absorb the heat produced
(c) slow down fast neutrons
(d) prevent the fuel rods from coming in contact with one another

Q97. A small piece of a substance is weakly attracted by a strong magnetic field. The substance is
(a) diamagnetic
(b) ferromagnetic
(c) paramagnetic
(d) non-magnetic

Q98. The moment of inertia of a body does not depend upon
(a) the mass of the body
(b) the mass distribution in the body
(c) the angular speed of the body
(d) the axis of rotation of the body

Q99. In a Carnot engine when heat is taken from the source, its temperature
(a) remains constant
(b) decreases
(c) increases
(d) decreases and then remains constant

Q100. The velocity of falling rain drops attains a terminal value because of
(a) surface tension
(b) air current
(c) upward thrust due to air
(d) viscous forcce exerted by air

Q101. The lift of an aeroplane is caused by
(a) law of gravitation
(b) theorem of continuity
(c) Pascel's law
(d) Bernouli's theorem

Q102. Which of the following characteristics of light remains unchanged when light travels from vaccum enters water
(a) speed
(b) amplitude
(c) frequency
(d) wavelength

Q103. The refractive index of a transparent medium is maximum for
(a) red light
(b) violet light
(c) yellow light
(d) green light

Q104. The alluminating powers of two sources are compared by
(a) a spectrometer
(b) a photometer
(c) a polarimeter
(d) a fluxmeter

Q105. The wave theory of light can explain
(a) comptom effect
(b) photoelectric effect
(c) black body spectrum
(d) interference of light

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