Physics GK Quiz

Q121. A ___________ mirror always forms an erect image of the object
(a) plane
(b) curved
(c) concave
(d) convex

Q122. Raman effect is explained by
(a) Quantum Theory
(b) Corpuscular Theory
(c) Wave Theory
(d) Electromagnetic wave Theory

Q123. Kirchhoff's law says in an electrical network of conductors, the algebraic sum of the current meeting at any points is
(a) Maximum
(b) Minimum
(c) Zero
(d) Equal to the applied current

Q124. The capacity of a spherical conductor
(a) is proportional to its radius
(b) is proportional to the square of its radius
(c) is proportional to the square roots of its radius
(d) is inversely proportional to its radius

Q125. The principle involved in Dynamo is
(a) kinetic energy to electrical energy
(b) mechanical energy to kinetic energy
(c) mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy
(d) kinetic energy to magnetic energy

Q126. In which of the following type of material, the magnetic susceptibility does not depend on temperature
(a) diamagnetic
(b) paramagnetic
(c) ferromagnetic
(d) ferrite

Q127. A voltage source whose internal resistance is infinity is called
(a) constant voltage source
(b) constant resistance source
(c) variable current source
(d) constant current source

Q128. Transistor is a _______ device
(a) voltage controlled
(b) resistance controlled
(c) input controlled
(d) current controlled

Q129. The device in which negative feedback is used is
(a) rectifier
(b) amplifier
(c) RC oscillator
(d) crystal oscillators

Q130. A metal for which Thomson coefficient is zero
(a) lead
(b) copper
(c) iron
(d) nickel

Q131. When sound waves travel from one medium to another, the quantity that remains unchanged is
(a) speed
(b) frequency
(c) intensity
(d) wavelength

Q132. To keep gravitational attractive force and surface forces of liquid drop equal, the liquid drop should have
(a) less surface energy
(b) high surface energy
(c) uniform surface energy
(d) non uniform surface energy

Q133. When the two input terminals of a NAND gate is connected together, the NAND gate - acts like
(a) NAND gate
(b) AND gate
(c) NOR gate
(d) NOT gate

Q134. The minimum energy needed to pull a free electron on the surface of a metal is called
(a) Kinetic energy
(b) Work function
(c) Potential energy
(d) Critical potential

Q135. Which one of the bond in strongest bond in the crystal
(a) Ionic bond
(b) Covalent bond
(c) Metallic bond
(d) Hydrogen bond

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