Important Formulas

Problems on Trains

Q1. A train moves with the speed of 180 km/hr. Find the speed in m/sec ?
(a) 20 m/sec
(b) 30 m/sec
(c) 50 m/sec
(d) 70 m/sec

Q2. A 150 metres long train moving at the speed of 126 km/hr. What time it will take to cross an electric pole ?
(a) 3.5 seconds
(b) 4.2 seconds
(c) 5 seconds
(d) 6 seconds

Q3. A train of length 250 meter long running at the speed of 10 m/sec. How much time it will take to cross a platform of 650 meter length ?
(a) 60 seconds
(b) 72 seconds
(c) 85 seconds
(d) 90 seconds

Q4. A train with a uniform speed crosses a pole in 2 seconds and a bridge of length 250m in 7 seconds. The length of the train is ?
(a) 85 metre
(b) 100 metre
(c) 105 metre
(d) 125 metre

Q5. A train of 260 m long passed a pole in 26 secconds. How long will it take to pass a platform of 740 m long ?
(a) 78 seconds
(b) 96 seconds
(c) 100 seconds
(d) 115 seconds

Q6. A train travels first 160 Km at 64 Km/hr and the next 160 Km at 80 Km/hr. The average speed for the first 320 Km of the tour is
(a) 57.24 km/hr
(b) 71.11 km/hr
(c) 78.32 km/hr
(d) 91 km/hr

Q7. The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 5 : 6. If the second train runs 600 km in 5 hours, the speed of the first train is
(a) 30 km/hr
(b) 90 km/hr
(c) 100 km/hr
(d) 300 km/hr

Q8. Two trains approach each other at 30 km/hr and 27 km/hr from two places 342 km apart. After how many hours will they meet ?
(a) 6 hrs
(b) 9 hrs
(c) 10 hrs
(d) 11 hrs

Q9. The speed of a 180m long train is 60 km/hr. How much time will take to pass a platform of 600m long ?
(a) 40 sec
(b) 42.5 sec
(c) 45.8 sec
(d) 46.8 sec

Q10. A train travelling at a speed of 30 m/sec crosses a platform 600m long in 30 seconds. The length of the train is
(a) 200m
(b) 250m
(c) 300m
(d) 450m

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