General Science Question Answer

Q106. The disease caused by Cadmium pollution is known as
(a) Minamata
(b) Itai-itai
(c) Arsenicosis
(d) Ringworm

Q107. Conservation of species outside their natural habitat is called
(a) in-situ conservation
(b) on-situ conservation
(c) ex-situ conservation
(d) ho-situ conservation

Q108. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) in food is used as
(a) Preserver
(b) Emulsifier
(c) Colour enhancer
(d) Flavour enhancer

Q109. The word 'claustrophobia' means
(a) fear of darkness
(b) fear of insects
(c) fear of confined spaces
(d) fear of light

Q110. Clotting of blood is a
(a) A chain reaction
(b) Reversible reaction
(c) Reflex action
(d) No reaction

Q111. Schrodinger’s Basin is situated in
(a) Moon
(b) Jupiter
(c) Venus
(d) Saturn

Q112. Sun spots occur after every _____ years
(a) 8
(b) 10
(c) 11
(d) 13

Q113. The basic idea behind flying machines is based on the
(a) Feynman’s Rule
(b) Heisenberg Model
(c) Bernoulli’s Principle
(d) Pascal’s Law

Q114. Flyash pollution is caused by
(a) Oil refining
(b) Fertilizer industry
(c) Mining
(d) Thermal power plant

Q114. "Blue baby syndrome" is due to the presence of which of the following in the blood
(a) Lead
(b) Nitrate
(c) Haemoglobin
(d) Methemoglobin

Q115. Which one contains 75 percent of total atmosphere's mass
(A) Troposphere
(B) Stratosphere
(C) Mesosphere
(D) Exosphere

Q116. Which two dates are also known as Equinox
(a) 12th March and 3rd September
(b) 20th March and 23rd September
(c) 24th March and 26th September
(d) 28th March and 23rd September

Q117. Which vitamin is also known as cobalamin
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin C
(c) Vitamin D
(d) Vitamin B12

Q118. The practice of intentionally ending life to relieve pain and suffering is called
(a) Euphoria
(b) Anesthesia
(c) Euthanasia
(d) Dyslexia

Q119. Which of the following planets revolves from east to west
(a) Venus
(b) Mars
(c) Jupiter
(d) Saturn

Q120. Acute lead poisoning is known as
(a) plumbism
(b) autism
(c) leadism
(d) neuralism

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