Science-General Knowledge Questions, Quiz

Q136. If ballon filled with air is immersed in hot water, its volume would
(a) Reduce
(b) Increase
(c) Remain same
(d) None of the above

Q137. Anemia is caused mainly due to
(a) Iron deficiency
(b) Zinc deficiency
(c) Calcium deficiency
(d) Magnesium deficiency

Q138. Hydrophobia is a symptom of which disease
(a) Filaria
(b) Malaria
(c) Swine Flu
(d) Rabies

Q139. When cool air flows from a high mountain region to a lower elevation
(a) Undergoes adiabatic warming
(b) Moisute content of the air will increase
(c) Air will condense to form large amount of dew
(d) Undergoes adiabatic cooling

Q140. The Hydraulic press used to lift a car is based on the following principle
(a) Pascal's Principle
(b) Archimedes Principle
(c) Bernoulli's Principle
(d) Magnus Effect

Q141. The fastest rotating planet in the solar system is
(a) Mercury
(b) Jupiter
(c) Venus
(d) Saturn

Q142. Out of the below given materials, the speed of light would be minimum while passing through
(a) Water
(b) Air
(c) Vacuum
(d) Glass

Q143. Which is the most abundant element by mass in human body
(a) Oxygen
(b) Carbon
(c) Hydrogen
(d) Calcium

Q144. If Kidneys of a person are not working, he would undergo
(a) Radiolysis
(b) Pyrolysis
(c) Dialysis
(d) Hydrolysis

Q145. Which of the element is used as fungicide
(a) Calcium
(b) Phosphorous
(c) Sulphur
(d) Carbon

Q146. What is the full form of RLV in rocket terminology
(a) Retro Launch Vehicle
(b) Returnable Launch Vehicle
(c) Retreating Launch Vehicle
(d) Repeat Launch Vehicle

Q147. The colour of a blue litmus paper will turns _________ when you put a drop of acid on it
(a) red
(b) green
(c) yellow
(d) pink

Q148. Which of the following can be prepared using Methyl Alcohol
(a) Bakelite
(b) Neoprene
(c) Perspex
(d) Sponge rubber

Q149. The most abundant organic compound in world is
(a) Alkaloids
(b) Methane
(c) Chlorophyll
(d) Cellulose

Q150. Which of the following is a super cooled liquid
(a) Ice Cream
(b) Glass
(c) Coke
(d) Liquid Nitrogen

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