Science-General Knowledge Questions, Quiz

Q121. Which is known as universal solvent
(a) Water
(b) Alcohol
(c) Benzene
(d) Ether

Q122. If two papers are kept very close to each other and wind is blown in between them, they would
(a) Come closer
(b) Move apart
(c) Remain stationary
(d) None of the above

Q123. At high and hilly altitudes, for some people blood will flow out of nose due to the reason that
(a) They are afraid
(b) Temperature is low
(c) Atmospheric pressure is low
(d) Atmospheric pressure is high

Q124. If egg shell is carefully dissolved in acid and then immersed in salt water, then the shell
(a) Swells
(b) Shrinks
(c) Gets dissolved
(d) Doesn't undergo any change

Q125. In cataract which part of the eye is affected
(a) Retina
(b) Iris
(c) Lens
(d) Cornea

Q126. Which of the following controls body temperature in humans
(a) Heart
(b) Liver
(c) Thyroid
(d) Hypothalamus

Q127. Which enzyme is found in tears
(a) Ptyalin
(b) Lysozyme
(c) Sebum
(d) Pepsin

Q128. Which of the following is a strain of Bird Flu Virus
(a) H5N1
(b) H7N6
(c) H7N1
(d) H7N5

Q129. Which waves are the fastest travelling waves during an Earthquake
(a) N - waves
(b) P - waves
(c) Q - waves
(d) Rayleigh waves

Q130. What is the name of the instrument used to record and measure ionizing radiation in human beings
(a) Radiometer
(b) Ionization Chamber
(c) Geiger Counter
(d) Dosimeter

Q131. By recycling paper, plastic and metals, we can reduce the following pollution
(a) Air pollution
(b) Water pollution
(c) Soil pollution
(d) None of the above

Q132. Oil spills can be cleaned by using this genetically engineered bacteria
(a) Azotobacter
(b) Pseudomonas Putida
(c) Escherichia Coli
(d) Rhyzobium

Q133. Which of the following vitamins decomposes easily on heating
(a) A vitamin
(b) B vitamin
(c) C vitamin
(d) D vitamin

Q134. Which of the following is a chemical reaction
(a) Burning coal in air
(b) Melting of Wax
(c) Evaporation of Iodine
(d) Magnetizing a piece of iron

Q135. Which of the following is a mixture
(a) Lime
(b) Sugar
(c) Table Salt
(d) Sea Water

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