How to search gmail by size

Sometime we need to find out mail in Gmail account by size. Specially if you received a lot of mail daily and space in your account is almost used, than you can delete mails which are not necessary and larger in size. Deleting larger size mail can quickly give you enough space as compared to deleting larger number of small size mails. To find out mails of specific size in Gmail, in the search box of your Gmail account type "larger:<size in mb>". For example if you want to find out mail larger than 5mb than type "larger:5mb" and press enter. It will search all mail above 5mb.

To search larger mail along with time period, you have to type "larger:<size in mb> older_than:<year>". For example "larger:5mb older_than:1y" will search all mail above 5mb and older than 1 year from present time. After that you can delete those mails to free space if it is unnecessary.