Secret Agencies of the World

Secret Agencies of the World
Organisation Founded Country Founder
Research and Analysis Wing  21st September 1968 India Indira Gandhi, R. N. Kao
Mossad  13th December 1949 Israel David Ben-Gurion
Central Intelligence Agency 18th September 1947 USA  Harry S. Truman
Military Intelligence, Section 6 July, 1909 UK H. H. Asquith
Australian Secret Intelligence Service 13th May 1952 Australia Robert Menzies
Directorate General for External Security 02nd April 1982 France
Federal Intelligence Service 01st April 1956  Germany Reinhard Gehlen
Ministry of State Security July, 1983 China
Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation 12th April 1995 Russia Boris Yeltsin
Canadian Security Intelligence Service 1984 Canada Bob Kaplan