Sociology Subject Question

Q151. Who says that "social group is two or more people between whom there is an established pattern of Interaction"?
(a) Marshal Jones
(b) Harry M. Johnson
(c) Maclver and Page
(d) Ogburn and Nimkoff

Q152. The "theory of economic determinism of Karl Mark" is known as
(a) Cyclic theory
(b) Conflict theory
(c) Mobility theory
(d) Functionalist theory

Q153. The social processes are merely the characteristic ways in which interaction occurs is the definition given by
(a) E.S. Bogardus
(b) A.W. Green
(c) Albert K. Cohen
(d) Raymond Aron

Q154. Origin of families can be traced through primordial promiscuity to monogamy is the idea of
(a) Ogburn
(b) Ginsberg
(c) Maclver
(d) L.H. Morgan

Q155. Society is Co-operation crossed by conflict is the idea of
(a) A.W. Green
(b) Merton
(c) Maclver
(d) Max Weber

Q156. Who wrote the book social organization
(a) W.G. Sumner
(b) P.A. Sorokin
(c) George Simmel
(d) C.H. Cooley

Q157. The term "Dominant caste" is introduced into the sociological literature by
(a) G.S. Ghurye
(b) M.N. Srinivas
(c) D.N. Majumdar
(d) B. Kuppuswamy

Q158. Theory of social action was introduced by
(a) Spencer
(b) Karl marx
(c) Comte
(d) Max Weber

Q159. Whose work among the following focussed on the 'household dimension' of the family
(a) S.C. Dube
(b) A.M. Shah
(c) K.M. Kapadia
(d) Pauline Kolenda

Q160. According to which sociologist, 'rituals are sacred acts which represents the religious beliefs'
(a) Max Weber
(b) Emile Durkheim
(c) Edward Tylor
(d) Gerhard Lenski

Q161. The Dispersion of the Indians beyond India is an example of
(a) Diaspora
(b) Culture
(c) Habitus
(d) Network

Q162. Which of the following is not the characteristic of bureaucracy according to Weber
(a) Specialization
(b) Flexibility
(c) Impersonality
(d) Hierarchy

Q163. In elementary structures of kinship, the alliance is based upon
(a) Rules of exogamy
(b) Positive marriage rules
(c) Negative marriage rules
(d) Generalized exchange

Q164. Which Anthropologist has differentiated between folk community and urban community
(a) Robert Redfield
(b) Radcliffe-Brown
(c) Bronislaw Malinowski
(d) Claude Levi-Strauss

Q165. Structural forms as analysed by A.R. Radcliffe-Brown are
(a) Abstract forms of social structure
(b) Concrete forms of social structure
(c) Integrative forms of social structure
(d) Functional forms of social structure

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