Sociology Subject Question

Q166. ‘McDonaldization’ term is coined by
(a) Giddens
(b) Sassen
(c) Ritzer
(d) Coser

Q167. According to Weber which of the following is the type of rational-legal Authority
(a) Feudalism
(b) Bureaucracy
(c) Autocracy
(d) Slavery

Q168. According to Durkheim, what is the subject matter of Sociology
(a) Social Facts
(b) Social Actions
(c) Social Systems
(d) Social Patterns

Q169. Who among the following propounded the Alliance Theory
(a) A.R. Brown
(b) B. Malinowski
(c) F. Meyer
(d) Claude Levi Strauss

Q170. 'The process by which actors fail to recognise that it is their labour that gives the commodities their value', is termed by Marx as
(a) Fetishism
(b) Emancipation
(c) Socialism
(d) Contradiction

Q171. Social welfare function was first introduced by
(a) Adam Smith
(b) Joan Robinson
(c) Nicholas Kaldor
(d) Abram Bergson

Q172. An Epistemological position that privileges study of the subjective position and analysis of context is called
(a) Interpretivism
(b) Positivism
(c) Negativism
(d) Objectivism

Q173. Who stated, “Property is theft”
(a) K. Marx
(b) Saint Simon
(c) P. Proudhon
(d) A. Smith

Q174. According to whom, in modern societies the ‘life world’ is increasingly colonized
(a) A. Giddens
(b) J. Habermas
(c) H. Marcuse
(d) T. Adorno

Q175. Who is closely associated with the concept ‘Mortification of self’
(a) T. Parsons
(b) E. Goffman
(c) H. Blumer
(d) G. H. Mead

Q176. Who developed the concept of ‘generalised others’ in symbolic interactionism
(a) G. H. Mead
(b) Herbert Blumer
(c) Alfred Schutz
(d) Erving Goffman

Q177. Which of the following perspectives views family structure as patriarchal
(a) Marxist feminism
(b) Liberal feminism
(c) Radical feminism
(d) Cultural feminism

Q178. According to which theory universal laws govern all areas of human thought
(a) Structuralism
(b) Functionalism
(c) Post-modernism
(d) Post-structuralism

Q179. Which one of the following is not a feature of power according to Foucault
(a) Productive
(b) Capillary nature
(c) Zero-sum
(d) Constitutive

Q180. Who used metaphorical investigations to study everyday life of people
(a) Erving Goffman
(b) Harold Garfinkel
(c) Thomas Luckman
(d) Jeffrey Alexander

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