Sociology Subject Question

Q181. In Anthony Giddens’ theory of structuration, primacy is granted to
(a) Structure
(b) Agency
(c) Habitus
(d) Structure and Agency

Q182. According to whom, the ‘nuclear family is merely a stage in the joint family cycle’
(a) G. S. Ghurye
(b) I. P. Desai
(c) M. N. Srinivas
(d) A. R. Desai

Q183. ‘Sweatshop’ is the term used for
(a) Bonded labour
(b) Agricultural labour
(c) Secure working conditions
(d) Subcontracting system of labour

Q184. Who distinguishes between ‘relativism’ and ‘relationism’
(a) A. Schutz
(b) K. Mannheim
(c) H. Garifinkel
(d) E. Goffman

Q185. Ingrained habits, skills and dispositions by an individual is called
(a) Agency
(b) Habitus
(c) Growth
(d) Development

Q186. “Social sciences have created docile bodies and subjected minds”. Who stated this
(a) Lyotard
(b) Berger
(c) Mannhein
(d) Foucault

Q187. Who among the following argued that "Man is working species"
(a) Babeuf
(b) Karl Marx
(c) Hegel
(d) Gramsci

Q188. The book, Positive Philosophy is written by
(a) H. Spencer
(b) E. Durkheim
(c) A. Comte
(d) L. Coser

Q189. Who has given the concept of ‘status set’
(a) K. Davis
(b) R. K. Merton
(c) T. Parsons
(d) L. Coser

Q190. The concept of ‘corporate group’ is propounded by
(a) Henry Maine
(b) Herbert Blumer
(c) Albion Small
(d) Herbert Spencer

Q191. The tendency to evaluate one’s own culture as superior is known as
(a) provincialism
(b) cultural relativism
(c) ethnocentrism
(d) None of the above

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