Sociology Exam Question

Q61. The collection of roles that goes with a given status is termed as
(a) Multiple Roles
(b) Role Set
(c) Conflict of roles
(d) Summation of roles

Q62. Who said that 'society is web of social relationship'
(a) Weber
(b) Maclver
(c) Marx
(d) Durkheim

Q63. Who said that 'sociology is the science of collective behaviour'
(a) Durkheim
(b) Park and Burgess
(c) Weber
(d) Bernard

Q64. Advance organizer model was the result of the efforts of
(a) Bruce Joyce
(b) David Ausubel
(c) John Ausubel
(d) Joyce and Weil

Q65. The book "Principles of Psychology" is authored by
(a) John Dewey
(b) William James
(c) Ebbinghaus
(d) Wundt

Q66. Who is the profounder of the concept of "Global village"
(a) R. Gilpin
(b) Malcolm Waters
(c) Marshal Macluhan
(d) Anthony Giddens

Q67. Who said "Sociology is the study of social groups"
(a) H.M. Johnson
(b) A.M. Rose
(c) Maclver and Page
(d) Max Weber

Q68. Who introduce the concept of "Role set" in sociology
(a) Linton
(b) Merton
(c) Veblen
(d) Weber

Q69. Who has propounded the concept of "white collar crime"
(a) Cohen
(b) Merton
(c) Parsons
(d) Sutherland

Q70. The concept of "Formal sociology" has been given by
(a) George Simmel
(b) T.B. Bottomore
(c) Sorokin
(d) Bogardus

Q71. Who is the author of the book "Social Thought from Lore to Science"
(a) Alex Inkels
(b) Peter Berger
(c) Harry Elmer Barnes
(d) Howard Becker

Q72. The study of forms of social relationship is identified as the scope of sociology by
(a) Maclver
(b) Small
(c) Max Weber
(d) Simmel

Q73. Who has given the concept of 'Reflexive role taking'
(a) Merton
(b) Linton
(c) Cooley
(d) G. H. Mead

Q74. Who has said that "A role is a set of socially accepted and approved behaviour pattern consisting of both duties and privileges"
(a) Ogburn and Nimkoff
(b) Kingsley Davis
(c) R. K. Merton
(d) Maclver

Q75. The practice of marrying outside one's class is called
(a) Exogamy
(b) Endogamy
(c) Hypergamy
(d) Hypogamy

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