Sociology Subject Question

Q121. The book on "The Phenomenology of the Social World" is written by
(a) Edmund Husserl
(b) Edmund Husserl
(c) Karl Manheim
(d) Alfred Schultz

Q122. ........ have explained the duplicity of people's soöially constructed reality
(a) Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman
(b) Karl Marx and Max Weber
(c) Karl Manheim and E. Durkheim
(d) E. Husserl and Alfred Schultz

Q123. the field of inquiry that seeks to understand the methods people employ to make sense out of their world
(a) Symbolic Interactionism
(b) Phenomenology
(c) Ethnomethodology
(d) Dialectical method

Q124. Name the sociologist who suggested that human behaviour is regulated by means of "Surveillance"
(a) M. Foucault
(b) T. Parsons
(c) J. Derrida
(d) A. Giddens

Q125. Who has developed the concept of 'Structuration'
(a) Jacques Derrida
(b) Pierre Bourdieu
(c) Anthony Giddens
(d) Maurice Godelier

Q126. Pluralistic society shares the characteristics of
(a) Capitalistic society
(b) Post-modernistic society
(c) Industrial society
(d) Post-industrial society

Q127. Who among the following distinguishes three components of the 'life world' — culture, society and personality
(a) A. Schultz
(b) E. Husserl
(c) P. Berger
(d) J. Habermas

Q128. Who among the following theorisds sees contemporary society as a death culture, with death being the 'paradigm' of all social exclusion and discrimination
(a) J. Baudrillard
(b) U. Beck
(c) M. Foucault
(d) J.F. Lyotard

Q129. Who has considered that 'most often action is routine and relatively unreflexive'
(a) Alfred Schultz
(b) H. Garfinkel
(c) Max Weber
(d) John Heritage

Q130. Who has observed a link between the structures of the mind and the structures of society
(a) Charles Lemert
(b) Radcliffe Brown
(c) Levi-Strauss
(d) Michel Foucault

Q131. Who has criticized the economic determinism to be implicit in parts of Marx's original work
(a) J. Habermas
(b) T. Bottomore
(c) J. Morrow
(d) L. Althusser

Q132. The concept of 'Symmetrical Family' has been propounded by
(a) M. Young and P. Willmott
(b) Oakley
(c) Bauman and Smart
(d) Smart

Q133. Who is of the opinion that the notion of fundamental opposition between the pure and the impure is the hallmark of the caste system
(a) M.N. Srinivas
(b) Louis Dumont
(c) Surjit Sinha
(d) B.R. Ambedkar

Q134. Which type of sampling method is ideally suited, where there is no knowledge about population
(a) Convenient sampling method
(b) Purposive sampling method
(c) Quota sampling method
(d) Snowball sampling method

Q135. Which of the following is associated with Descriptive Design
(a) Analysis of Demographic Trends
(b) Internal-consistency reliability
(c) Split-half reliability
(d) Content-level reliability

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