International Sports Organisation

Sport Agency is the governing body of a particular sport that has a regulatory or sanctioning function. These are the top agencies that have a governing body with create, update and implement laws and rules for sports. Here is the list of some such International sports Agencies of the world.

International Sports Organisation of the World
Sports Association Founded On Headquarters Governing Body
International Olympic Committee 23 June 1894 Lausanne, Switzerland for modern Summer and Winter Olympic Games.
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) 21st May 1904 Zürich, Switzerland for football associations of the world
The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) April,1947 Lausanne, Switzerland for all forms of volleyball
Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) 1967 Lausanne, Switzerland  international sports federations as well as organisers of multi-sports games and sport-related international associations
International Paralympic Committee  22nd September 1989 Bonn, Germany for the Paralympic Movement
Badminton World Federation 5th July 1934 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the sport of badminton
FINA 19th July 1908 Lausanne, Switzerland for international competition in water sports
International Tennis Federation 1st March 1913 London, United Kingdom for world tennis, wheelchair tennis, and beach tennis
 Union Cycliste Internationale  14th June 1900 Aigle, Switzerland for sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events
World Athletics 17th July 1912 Monaco for the sport of athletics, covering track and field, cross country running, road running, racewalking, mountain running and ultrarunning
 International Cricket Council  15th June 1909 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Cricket
International Hockey Federation 7th January 1924 Lausanne, Switzerland for field hockey and indoor field hockey
 International Handball Federation 11th July 1946 Basel, Switzerland for handball and beach handball
 International Table Tennis Federation  1926 Lausanne, Switzerland for all national table tennis associations
 International Judo Federation  July,1951 Lausanne, Switzerland for judo federations
International Boxing Association 1946 Lausanne, Switzerland for boxing matches
 International Weightlifting Federation 1905 Budapest, Hungary for the sport of Olympic weightlifting
International Gymnastics Federation 23th July 1881  Lausanne, Switzerland governing body of competitive gymnastics. 
 International Shooting Sport Federation 1907 Munich, Germany for rifle, pistol and shotgun disciplines
World Taekwondo 28th May 1973 Seoul, South Korea for taekwondo
World Archery Federation 1931 Lausanne, Switzerland for the sport of archery
World Rugby  1886 Dublin, Ireland for the sport of rugby union
International Ice Hockey Federation 15th May 1908 Zürich, Switzerland for ice hockey and in-line hockey
 International Golf Federation 1958 Lausanne, Switzerland for golf
 International School Sport Federation 1972 Brussels, Belgium for school sport

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