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Q166. Who was appointed as the first Nawab of the Carnatic or Nawab of Arcot by Aurangzeb
(A) Dost Ali Khan
(B) Daud Khan Panni
(C) Sa'adatullah Khan I
(D) Zulfiqar Khan Nusrat Jung

Q167. Who is the founder of the Nayak dynasty of Madurai
(A) Tirumala Nayak
(B) Viswanatha Nayak
(C) Chokkanatha Nayak
(D) Muttu Krishnappa Nayak

Q168. Who was the first Thanjavur Nayak King
(A) Alagiri Nayak
(B) Raghunatha Nayak
(C) Achuthappa Nayak
(D) Chevvappa Nayak

Q169. Which Nayak King wrote the Sanskrit plays Sangita Sudha and Bharatha Sudha
(A) Raghunatha Nayak
(B) Sevappa Nayak
(C) Achuthappa Nayak
(D) Vijaya Raghava Nayak

Q170. In which year Malik Kafur invades Pandiya country and attacks Madurai
(A) 1303
(B) 1308
(C) 1311
(D) 1316

Q171. The Battle of Takkolam was fought in the year
(A) 949 CE
(B) 952 CE
(C) 954 CE
(D) 957 CE

Q172. Which Chola King assumed the title "Kadaram Kondan"
(A) Raja Raja I
(B) Rajendra I
(C) Aditya I
(D) Virarajendra

Q173. Who had written the earliest version of Ramayana in the Tamil language known as "Ramavataram"
(A) Kambar
(B) Ottakuttan
(C) Jayamkondar
(D) Amirtasagara

Q174. Who had written the epic "Cīvaka Cintāmaṇi"
(A) Natakuptanar
(B) Tirutakkatevar
(C) Ilango Adigal
(D) Sīthalai Sāttanār

Q175. Out of the five great epics of Tamil literature, how many are attributed to Tamil Jains
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

Q176. In which epic, Kannagi is a legendary woman who forms the central character
(A) Manimekalai
(B) Valayapathi
(C) Silapathikaram
(D) Kundalakesi

Q177. The first regular newspaper in Tamil "Swadesamitran" was released in the year
(A) 1882
(B) 1883
(C) 1884
(D) 1885

Q178. Who wrote the first Tamil novel "Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram" in 1879
(A) Bharathidasan
(B) Subramania Bharati
(C) V. O. Chidambaram Pillai
(D) Mayavaram Vedanayagam Pillai

Q179. According to Megasthenes, the Pandya Kingdom was famous for
(A) Silk
(B) Bronze
(C) Pearls
(D) Weapons

Q180. A group of 5 Monolithic rock cut shrines at Mahabalipuram were excavated during the rule of the Pallava King
(A) Simhavishnu
(B) Mahendravarman I
(C) Narasimhavarman I
(D) Nandivarman II

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