Tamil Nadu State Question

Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Tamil Nadu PSC, Panchayat, Tamil Nadu SET, Tax, Revenue etc. Helps in preparation of state level exams.

Q61. Who is called the father of pure Tamil movement
(A) Bhavanar
(B) Bharathi
(C) Thiru. V. Kalyanasundaranar
(D) Maraimalai Adigal

Q62. How many reserved Parliamentary constituencies are there in Tamil Nadu
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 8

Q63. Who was introduced the Kulakallavi Scheme in Tamil Nadu
(A) Rajaji
(B) Ramaswamy
(C) Kamaraj
(D) Jayalalithaa

Q64. The Pallava rulers believed in
(A) Jainism
(B) Buddhism
(C) Hinduism
(D) Shaivism

Q65. "Manthiram Avathu Neeru" the song was written by
(A) Thirumoolar
(B) Thirujnana Sambandar
(C) Kannappar
(D) Mangayarkarasiyar

Q66. Kulothunga II was also called
(A) Gangaikonda Chola
(B) Sungam Thavirtha Chola
(C) Krimikanta Chola
(D) Mummudi konda Chola

Q67. Manimekalai was written by
(A) Tolkappiyar
(B) Kabilar
(C) Elangoadigal
(D) Seethalai Saathanar

Q68. Kamalambal Charithram was written by
(A) Vedanayakam Pillai
(B) Lakshmi
(C) Rajam Iyer
(D) Sivashankari

Q69. Which city of Tamil Nadu is also known as Oxford of South India
(A) Salem
(B) Palayamkottai
(C) Tiruppur
(D) Madurai

Q70. Theni district was bifurcated from Madurai on
(A) 1996
(B) 1997
(C) 1998
(D) 1999

Q71. Tidel Park in Chennai was formed by TIDCO and
(A) Elcot
(B) Sathyam
(C) Polaris

Q72. The first Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to be awarded Bharat Ratna is
(A) C. N. Annadurai
(B) M. G. Ramachandran
(C) C. Rajagopalachari
(D) Baktavatchalam

Q73. Where is the Veterinary University in Tamil Nadu located
(A) Madurai
(B) Coimbatore
(C) Trichy
(D) Chennai

Q74. Which city is also known as temple city of Tamil Nadu
(A) Thanjavur
(B) Coimbatore
(C) Trichy
(D) Madurai

Q75. In which year, the St. George fort and Madras were captured by the French under General La Bourdonnais
(A) 1738
(B) 1746
(C) 1752
(D) 1759

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