Thomas Cup

• The Thomas Cup also known as the World Men's Team Championships, is one of the most prestigious international badminton competition in the world.

• The Thomas Cup competition was the idea of Sir George Alan Thomas, legendary Founder-President of the International Badminton Federation (now BWF).

• The first tournament was held in 1948–49 and won by Malaysia.

• It is played among teams representing member nations of the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

• Till 1982, the competition was held after every 3 years. From 1982, the championships have been conducted every two years.

• It is played concurrently with the final phase of the world women's team championships, the Uber Cup.

• Of the 30 Thomas Cup tournaments held since 1948–1949, till 2022 only six countries have won the title.

• Indonesia is the most successful team, having won 14 times.

• Till now Denmark is the only European country in history to won the Thomas Cup. All other countries that won the cup is from Asian countries.

• India won gold at the Thomas Cup 2022 by beating Indonesia 3-0 in Bangkok.

• India host the tournament only once in 2014.

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