Quantitative Aptitude on Times and Distance

Q31. By how much percent must a motorist increases his speed in order to reduce the time by 10%, taken to cover a certain distance ?
(a) 101/9 %
(b) 111/9 %
(c) 134/9 %
(d) 145/9 %

Q32. A car covers four successive 2 km stretches at 20 km/hr, 30 km/hr, 40 km/hr and 60 km/km respectively. Its average speed over this distance is
(a) 22 km/hr
(b) 25 km/hr
(c) 29 km/hr
(d) 32 km/hr

Q33. A car travels a distance of 840 km at a uniform speed. If the speed of the car is 10 km/h more, it takes 2 hours less to cover the same distance. The original speed of the car was
(a) 53 km/hr
(b) 57 km/hr
(c) 60 km/hr
(d) 63 km/hr

Q34. The ratio between the rates of walking of x and y is 3:4, If the time taken by x to cover a certain distance is 36 minutes, the time taken by Y to cover the certain distance is
(a) 25 minutes
(b) 27 minutes
(c) 32 minutes
(d) 35 minutes

Q35. A plane left 30 minutes later than the scheduled time and in order to reach the destination 1500 km away in time, it had to increase the speed by 250 km/hr from the usual speed. Its ususal speed is
(a) 478 km/h
(b) 550 km/h
(c) 600 km/h
(d) 750 km/h

Q36. Two cars starts at the same time from one point and move along two roads at right angles to each other. Their speeds are 18 km/hr and 36 km/hr respectively. After 10 seconds the distance between them will be
(a) 48√5 m
(b) 50√5 m
(c) 53√5 m
(d) 55√5 m

Q37. A man on tour travels first 150 km at 55 km/hr and the next 150 km at 65 km/hr. The average speed of the whole journey is
(a) 57.48 km/hr
(b) 57.82 km/hr
(c) 58.12 km/hr
(d) 59.58 km/hr

Q38. Ram has to cover 8 km in 45 minutes. If he covers one half of the distance in 1/3 rd of time, what should be his speed to cover the remaining distance in the remaining time
(a) 6 km/hr
(b) 7 km/hr
(c) 8 km/hr
(d) 9 km/hr

Q39. In what time can Naren cover a distance of 500 m, if he runs at a speed of 25 km/hr
(a) 11/5 minutes
(b) 21/3 minutes
(c) 21/5 minutes
(d) 31/5 minutes

Q40. The distance between two stations A and B is 200 km. A train leaves A towards B at 80 km/hr. After half an hour, another train leaves B towards A at 100 km/hr. The distance of the point where the two trains meet, from A is
(a) 111.11 km
(b) 112.22 km
(c) 112.25 km
(d) 115.55 km

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