Today in History- 6th January

Important events and information that happen today in the World and Indian history. Today in History section will help you to enhance General Knowledge along with knowledge in History.
International Events: 6th January
Year Event
1066 Harold Godwinson is crowned as the King of England.
1449 Constantine XI is crowned as the Emperor of Byzantine.
1818 The Treaty of Mandsaur was signed between British and Maratha.
1907 First Montessori school started.
1912 New Mexico join as the 47th state in the United States.
1929 Mother Teresa arrives in Calcutta.
1931 Thomas Edison submits his last patent application.
1931 All India Congress Committee accepted the partition of India.
1980 Congress Party lead by Indira Gandhi wins elections in India.
1989 Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, convicted for the assassination of prime minister Indira Gandhi, were hanged in Delhi's Tihar Central Jail.