Top agricultural producing countries in the World

The history of agriculture began thousands of years ago. Agriculture is livelihood and income source for a majority of the population in the World. Agriculture is also plays a crucial role to economic growth. With the advancement of technology and equipment and with better irrigation facility, agricultural sector is improving continuously. Here is the list of some countries which lead the production of some agricultural products in the world.

Top agricultural producing countries
Product First Second Third
Almond United States Spain Iran
Apple China United States Turkey
Apricot Turkey Iran Uzbekistan
Avocado Mexico Dominican Republic Peru
Banana India China Philippines
Barley Russia Ukraine Australia
Beef Brazil United States China
Beer China United States Brazil
Blueberry United States Canada Poland
Cabbage and other brassicas China India Russia
Carrots and turnips China Uzbekistan Russia
Cashew nut Vietnam Nigeria India
Cauliflowers and Broccoli China India Spain
Cherry Turkey United States Iran
Chestnut China Bolivia Turkey
Chicken Brazil United States Thailand
Chickpea India Australia Myanmar
Cocoa Ivory Coast Ghana Indonesia
Coconut Indonesia Philippines India
Coffee Brazil Vietnam Colombia
Cotton China India United States
Cucumber China Iran Turkey
Dry Bean Myanmar India Brazil
Egg China United States India
Eggplant China India Egypt
Ginger India China Nepal
Goat Meat China India Pakistan
Gooseberry Germany Russia Poland
Grapes China Italy United States
Green bean China Indonesia Turkey
Honey China Turkey USA
Jute India Bangladesh China
Kiwifruit China Italy New Zealand
Lemon India Mexico Argentina
Lettuce and chicory China United States India
Maize (corn) United States China Brazil
Mango India China Thailand
Milk India United States China
Oats Russia Canada Poland
Okra India Nigeria Sudan
Olive Spain Italy Greece
Onion China India USA
Oranges Brazil China India
Papaya India Brazil Mexico
Peanut China India Nigeria
Pear China Argentina United States
Pineapple Costa Rica Brazil Philippines
Plum China Serbia USA
Pork China United States Germany
Potato China India Russia
Pulses (total) India China USA
Pumpkin, squash and gourd China India Russia
Raspberry Russia United States Poland
Rice China India Indonesia
Rubber Thailand Indonesia Malaysia
Sesame Tanzania Myanmar India
Silk China India Uzbekistan
Soybean United States Brazil Argentina
Spinach China United States Japan
Strawberry China United States Mexico
Sugar cane Brazil India China
Sweet potato China Nigeria Tanzania
Tea China India Kenya
Tobacco China Brazil India
Tomato China India United States
Walnut China Iran United States
Watermelon China Turkey Iran
Wheat China India Russia
Wine Italy France Spain
Wool Australia China USA

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