Top agricultural producing states in India

Agriculture in India dates back to Indus Valley Civilization. Agriculture in India is livelihood and income source for a majority of the population. With the advancement of technology and equipment and with better irrigation facility, agricultural sector in India is improving continuously. Here is a list of top agricultural product producing states in India. Here we are providing list of agricultural product and states name according to their positions….

Top Agricultural States
Crops name 1st Position 2nd position 3rd position
Rice West Bengal Uttar Pradesh Punjab
Wheat Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Punjab
Jowar Maharashtra Karnataka Tamilnadu
Bajra Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Gujarat
Maize Karnataka Madhya Pradesh Bihar
Ragi Karnataka Tamilnadu Uttarakhand
Small Millets Kharif Uttarakhand Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
Barley Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
Coarse Cereals Rajasthan Karnataka Madhya Pradesh
Tur Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Karnataka
Gram Madhya Pradesh Karnataka Rajasthan
Urad Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Tamilnadu
Moong Rajasthan Andhra Pradesh Tamilnadu
Other Pulses Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan
Pulses Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan Maharashtra
Groundnut Gujarat Rajasthan Tamilnadu
Castorseed Gujarat Rajasthan Andhra Pradesh
Sesamum West Bengal Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
Nigerseed Madhya Pradesh Orissa Chhattisgarh
Soyabean Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Rajasthan
Sunflower Karnataka Haryana Andhra Pradesh
Sugarcane Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra Karnataka
Cotton Gujarat Maharashtra Telangana
Jute West Bengal Bihar Assam
Tobacco West Bengal Bihar Assam
Tea Assam West Bengal Tamilnadu
Coffee Karnataka Kerala Tamilnadu
Foodgrains Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Punjab

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