United Kingdom Quiz

Q1. In which year the unified Kingdom of Great Britain was formed after Scotland joined with the Kingdom of England
(A) 1707
(B) 1712
(C) 1719
(D) 1725

Q2. Which one is the longest river in the United Kingdom
(A) River Thames
(B) River Great Ouse
(C) River Severn
(D) River Wye

Q3. In which year, Roman Emperor Julius Caesar try to first invade Britain
(A) 62 BC
(B) 60 BC
(C) 55 BC
(D) 54 BC

Q4. Which king of Denmark captures the English Crown in 1016
(A) King Edmund
(B) King Canute
(C) King Harold
(D) King Harthacnut

Q5. Who was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England
(A) King Edmund
(B) Edward the Confessor
(C) Harold
(D) Harold Godwinson

Q6. In which battle the Normans defeated the Saxons
(A) Battle of Fulford
(B) Battle of Hastings
(C) Battle of Maldon
(D) Battle of the Standard

Q7. Which king began the construction of the Tower of London
(A) Stephen
(B) Henry I
(C) William I
(D) Henry II

Q8. The Oxford University was founded in the year
(A) 1167
(B) 1173
(C) 1189
(D) 1206

Q9. Which King sign the Magna Carta in 1215
(A) King John
(B) Richard I
(C) Henry III
(D) Edward I

Q10. Which one was the last decisive war of the Hundred Years' War fought between England and France
(A) Edwardian War
(B) Lancastrian War
(C) Caroline War
(D) Battle of Agincourt

Q11. Which dynasty was established as the monarch of England after the War of the Roses
(A) Saxons
(B) Normans
(C) Victorians
(D) Tudor

Q12. In which year Elizabeth I becomes the Queen of England
(A) 1540
(B) 1545
(C) 1552
(D) 1558

Q13. Who was the first Prime Minister of England
(A) Henry Pelham
(B) Earl of Wilmington
(C) Robert Walpole
(D) George Grenville

Q14. When was Scotland Yard was founded
(A) 1825
(B) 1829
(C) 1832
(D) 1838

Q15. Who had established the Scotland Yard
(A) Robert Peel
(B) William Pitt
(C) Benjamin Disraeli
(D) Richard Cobden

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