USA State Quiz

Q1. Total number of states in United States of America
(A) 48
(B) 49
(C) 50
(D) 51

Q2. Which one is the largest state by area wise in USA
(A) Alaska
(B) Texas
(C) California
(D) New Mexico

Q3. Which ocean separated America from Europe
(A) Atlantic
(B) Pacific
(C) Indian
(D) Arctic

Q4. In which year, Christopher Columbus discover America
(A) 1456
(B) 1462
(C) 1483
(D) 1492

Q5. Total number of colonies that took part in American Revolution was
(A) 10
(B) 13
(C) 25
(D) 48

Q6. In which place, the peace treaty of 1783 took place which ended the American Revolutionary War
(A) London
(B) Washington
(C) Paris
(D) Berlin

Q7. From which year the United States Constitution came into force
(A) 1783
(B) 1789
(C) 1792
(D) 1799

Q8. In which city, the Constitutional Convention took place to draft the U.S. Constitution
(A) Phoenix
(B) Houston
(C) Chicago
(D) Philadelphia

Q9. Which city was the first permanent British settlement in the America
(A) Jamestown
(B) Asheville
(C) Cape May
(D) Boston

Q10. The famous Boston Tea Party took place in the year
(A) 1753
(B) 1773
(C) 1778
(D) 1782

Q11. Which British General surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in 1781
(A) John Burgoyne
(B) William Howe
(C) Henry Clinton
(D) Charles Cornwallis

Q12. George Washington became the first President of America in the year
(A) 1782
(B) 1787
(C) 1789
(D) 1793

Q13. Which city was the capital of America before Washington DC
(A) Columbus
(B) Philadelphia
(C) Phoenix
(D) New York

Q14. Which President had signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830
(A) Andrew Jackson
(B) James Monroe
(C) James Madison
(D) Martin Van Buren

Q15. Abraham Lincoln was the _____ President of America
(A) 13th
(B) 14th
(C) 15th
(D) 16th

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