Problems on Volumes and Surface Area

Q1. Find the volume and surface area of a cuboid 10m long, 8m broad and 4m high ?
(a) 256m2
(b) 284m2
(c) 304m2
(d) 326m2

Q2. The surface area of a cube is 216m2. Find its volume.
(a) 188m3
(b) 204m3
(c) 216m3
(d) 226m3

Q3. Find the volume and the surface area of a sphere of diameter 14 cm
(a) 116 cm2
(b) 332 cm2
(c) 498 cm2
(d) 616 cm2

Q4. The length of the longest pole that can be kept in a room 5m long, 4m broad and 2m height is
(a) 3√ 5 m
(b) 4√ 5 m
(c) 5√ 5 m
(d) 7√ 5 m

Q5. A rectangular water reservoir contains 54000 liters of water. If the length of reservoir is 9m and breadth is 4m, then the depth of the reservoir is
(a) 1.3 m
(b) 1.5 m
(c) 2.2 m
(d) 2.3 m

Q6. What part of a ditch 48m long, 16.5m broad and 4m deep can be filled by the earth got by digging a cylindrical tunnel of diameter 4m and length 56m ?
(a) 2/7
(b) 2/9
(c) 3/5
(d) 3/7

Q7. The product of the areas of three adjacent faces of a rectangular box is equal to
(a) volume of the box
(b) twice the volume of the box
(c) the square of the volume of the box
(d) cube root of the volume of the box

Q8. The surface area of a (12cm X 5cm X 3cm) brick is
(a) 135 cm2
(b) 196 cm2
(c) 222 cm2
(d) 248 cm2

Q9. If the areas of three adjacent faces of a cuboid are x, y, z respectively, then the volume of the cuboid is
(a) xyz
(b) (xyz)2
(c) xy/z
(d) √ xyz

Q10. The diagonal of a cube measures 5√ 3 cm. Its volume is
(a) 102 cm3
(b) 105 cm3
(c) 111 cm3
(d) 125 cm3

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