Problems on Volumes and Surface Area

Q11. The area of the base of the rectangular tank is 6500 cm2 and the volume of the water contained in it is 32.5 cubic meters. The depth of the water in the tank is
(a) 42m
(b) 50m
(c) 57m
(d) 62m

Q12. A covered wooden box has the inner measures as 110cm, 70cm and 30cm and the thickness of wood is 2.5cm. The volume of the wood is
(a) 54982 cm3
(b) 62547 cm3
(c) 69832 cm3
(d) 70875 cm3

Q13. A hall is 15m long and 10m broad. If the sum of the areas of the floor and the ceiling is equal to the sum of the areas of the 4 walls, the volume of the hall is
(a) 815 m3
(b) 875 m3
(c) 900 m3
(d) 950 m3

Q14. The sum of the length, breadth and depth of a cuboid is 20cm and its diagonal is 5√ 5 cm. Its surface area is
(a) 230 cm2
(b) 275 cm2
(c) 333 cm2
(d) 350 cm2

Q15. The size of a wooden block is (12cm X 10cm X 8cm). How many such blocks will be required to construct a solid wooden cube of minimum size ?
(a) 1300
(b) 1500
(c) 1600
(d) 1800

Q16. The height of a cylinder is 12cm and its diameter is 10cm. The volume of the cylinder is
(a) 733.50 cm3
(b) 856.21 cm3
(c) 942.85 cm3
(d) 993.88 cm3

Q17. The height of a cylinder is 14cm and its curved surface area is 264cm2. The volume of the cylinder is
(a) 396 cm3
(b) 451 cm3
(c) 482 cm3
(d) 527 cm3

Q18. A cylinder has a radius of 7 cm and the area of its curved surface is 176 cm2. The volume of the cylinder is
(a) 577 cm3
(b) 616 cm3
(c) 659 cm3
(d) 721 cm3

Q19. The ratio of the radius of two cylinders is 2:3 and the ratio of their heights is 3:5. The ratio of their volumes will be
(a) 3:7
(b) 3:17
(c) 4:15
(d) 4:17

Q20. The number of coins, 1.5 cm in diameter and 0.2 cm thick to be melted to form a right circular cylinder of height 10 cm and diameter 4.5 cm is
(a) 375
(b) 390
(c) 420
(d) 450

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