Windows Operating Systems...

Windows 95:

• Windows 95 is the first operating system which features USB Support, UDMA Support, Safe Mode option and Windows Update features.
• The minimum system requirements called for a 386DX processor, 4MB of RAM, and a 120MB hard drive.Win-95
• Windows 95 was available on either floppy disks or a CD-ROM. The floppy version shipped with 13 disks.
• Support for Windows 95 ended on December 31, 2002.
• FAT32 and FAT 16 file systems were first introduced with Windows 95 Operating system.
• Windows 95 did not by default Internet Explorer. IE was released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95.

Windows 98:

• Windows 98 was the first operating system to use the Windows Driver Model.Win-98
• Windows 98 desktop integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.
• Windows 98 included DirectX 5.0 which was missing in Windows 95.

Windows XP:

• Windows XP came in two versions: a Home Edition and Professional.
• It is also the first version of Windows to use product activation to combat illegal copying.Win-XP
• Windows Firewall was first included in Windows XP.
• It has some new features like Advanced portable PC support, Automatic wireless connection support, Help and support centre, Network set-up wizard, Remote desktop access etc.

List of Windows Operating System

Client Operating System

Release Date

Windows 1.01

20th November, 1985

Windows 2.0

9th December, 1987

Windows 3.0

22nd May, 1990

Windows 95

24th August, 1995

Windows NT 4.0

29th July, 1996

Windows 98

25th June, 1998

Windows 2000 Professional

17th February, 2000

Windows Me              

14th September, 2000

Windows XP

24th August, 2001

Windows XP 64-bit Edition

25th October, 2001

Windows Vista

8th November, 2006

Windows 7

22nd July, 2009

Windows 8

26th October, 2012

Windows 10

29th July, 2015


Server Operating System

Release Date

Windows NT 3.1

26th July, 1993

Windows NT 4.0

24th August, 1996

Windows 2000

17th February, 2000

Windows Server 2003

24th April, 2003

Windows Server 2008

4th February, 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2

22th July, 2009

Windows Server 2012

1st August, 2012