World Geography Quiz

Q16. What is the approximate time difference between two high tides
(A) 6 Hours
(B) 8 Hours
(C) 10 Hours
(D) 12 Hours

Q17. The 38th parallel line divides which two countries
(A) India and Pakistan
(B) China and Russia
(C) Brazil and Chile
(D) North Korea and South Korea

Q18. Which city is consider as the most windy city in the World
(A) Wellington
(B) Rio Gallegoes, Argentina
(C) Tokyo
(D) Dodge City, USA

Q19. The only one river the flows from Lake Baikal is
(A) Selenga River
(B) Barguzin River
(C) Angara River
(D) Turka River

Q20. The World's largest lake Island 'Manitoulin Island' is located in
(A) Green Land
(B) Canada
(C) Iceland
(D) China

Q21. The wave generated during earthquake is known as
(A) Sinusoidal Waves
(B) Shock waves
(C) Seismic Wave
(D) Constituent Waves

Q22. Which one is the largest gulf area in the World
(A) Gulf of California
(B) Persian Gulf
(C) Silicon Gulf
(D) Gulf of Mexico

Q23. Which river passes through the most countries in the world
(A) Rhine
(B) Volga
(C) Danube
(D) Nile

Q24. Which US state is the only one that partially in the eastern hemisphere
(A) Alaska
(B) California
(C) Oregon
(D) Florida

Q25. A land which is surrounded by water on three sides is known as
(A) Insland
(B) Triangle
(C) Reef
(D) Peninsula

Q26. Which country has the longest coastline in the World
(B) India
(C) Canada
(D) Chile

Q27. Which one is not a Baltic State
(A) Estonia
(B) Latvia
(C) Belarus
(D) Lithuania

Q28. The Balkan Peninsula lies between which two seas
(A) Baltic Sea and North Sea
(B) Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea
(C) Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea
(D) Red Sea and Arabian Sea

Q29. Which one is a doubly landlocked country (one which is surrounded by landlocked countries)
(A) Mongolia
(B) Iraq
(C) Jordan
(D) Uzbekistan

Q30. The 'Wailing Wall' is located in the city of
(A) Baghdad
(B) Tehran
(C) Jerusalem
(D) Abu Dhabi

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