World Geography Question

Q106. Which one is the largest island in Indian ocean
(A) Mauritius
(B) Seychelles
(C) Zanzibar
(D) Madagascar

Q107. Taklamakan desert is located at
(A) Mongolia
(B) China
(C) Egypt
(D) South Africa

Q108. Which sea has separated the Australia and New Zealand
(A) Bohai Sea
(B) Ionian Sea
(C) Tasman Sea
(D) Sargasso Sea

Q109. Which one is known as lighthouse of mediterranean sea
(A) Stromboli of Sicily
(B) Mount pelee of West Indies
(C) Paracutin of Mexico
(D) Vesuvius of Italy

Q110. Day and Night are equal at
(A) Prime Meridian
(B) Poles
(C) Equator
(D) Antarctic

Q111. Which of the following seas is without a coastline
(A) Black Sea
(B) Mediterranean Sea
(C) Sargasso Sea
(D) Sea of Azov

Q112. The longest circle which can be drawn on the earth's surface passes through
(A) Equator
(B) Tropic of Cancer
(C) Arctic Circle
(D) Tropic of Capricon

Q113. Which one of the countries is located on the region known as Horn of Africa
(A) Egypt
(B) Djibouti
(C) Sudan
(D) South Africa

Q114. The African Continent is separated from European Continent by which sea
(A) Mediterranean Sea
(B) Red Sea
(C) Aral Sea
(D) Catalan Sea

Q115. Which one is a landlocked sea
(A) Mediterranean Sea
(B) Dead Sea
(C) Laptev Sea
(D) Ligurian Sea

Q116. Which one is the Southernmost Point of African Continent
(A) Cape Horn
(B) Cape Froward
(C) Santo Antao
(D) Cape Agulhas

Q117. Which one is the largest National Park in Africa by area wise
(A) Kruger National Park
(B) Selous Game Reserve
(C) Ruaha National Park
(D) Mudumu National Park

Q118. The Kruger National Park is located in
(A) South Africa
(B) Zambia
(C) Botswana
(D) Namibia

Q119. Which one is the deepest river in the World
(A) Amazon River
(B) Nile River
(C) Congo River
(D) Niger River

Q120. In which two countries of Africa, Maasai tribes can be found
(A) Kenya and Tanzania
(B) South Africa and Namibia
(C) Congo and Angola
(D) Egypt and Libya

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