World GK Questions

Q136. The first Railway in the world was opened in England in the year
(A) 1823
(B) 1824
(C) 1825
(D) 1826

Q137. Which of the following countries do not have coast along Mediterranean Sea
(A) Italy
(B) France
(C) Libya
(D) Germany

Q138. Which one became the first country to introduce hydrogen powered train
(A) Italy
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) China

Q139. Which country become the world's first country to make all of its public transportation free
(A) Netherlands
(B) Luxembourg
(C) Lithuania
(D) Belgium

Q140. Which country is also known as ‘Lady of Snow’
(A) Canada
(B) Norway
(C) Geenland
(D) Switzerland

Q141. Which one become first country to ban ads for very sugary drinks
(A) Oman
(B) Malaysia
(C) Singapore
(D) South Korea

Q142. Which one of the following countries is not a member of the "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance
(B) Canada
(C) New Zealand
(D) Germany

Q143. Which country is currently building “Mars Science City” to develop technology to colonize Mars
(B) China
(D) Germany

Q144. Which one is the only country in the world to have three capitals
(A) Ukrain
(B) Mongolia
(C) North Korea
(D) South Africa

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