World GK Questions

Q166. The headquarters of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is located in
(A) Rome
(B) Geneva
(C) Cairo
(D) New York

Q167. The Baikal Lake is situated in
(A) Russia
(B) Poland
(C) Vietnam
(D) Germany

Q168. Bosnia-Herzegovina formed the parts of
(A) Azerbaijan
(B) Bulgaria
(C) Yugoslavia
(D) Czechoslovakia

Q169. Which country amends its national anthem to honour indigenous people on January 2021
(A) Russia
(B) Sweden
(C) Australia
(D) South Africa

Q170. Which of the following countries recently launched the world’s first 6G satellite into space
(A) China
(B) Russia
(D) Japan

Q171. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill received Nobel Prize for
(A) Peace
(B) Physics
(C) Literature
(D) Economics

Q172. Which one is the first country to operate the world’s first-ever hydrogen-powered passenger train fleet
(A) China
(B) Germany
(D) Japan

Q173. "Dolphin Ridge" is situated in
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Indian Ocean
(C) Arctic Ocean
(D) Atlantic Ocean

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