World GK Questions

Q76. Which continent is also known as "Bird Continent"
(A) Africa
(B) Asia
(C) South America
(D) Australia

Q77. International Children's Book day is celebrated on
(A) 2nd April
(B) 5th April
(C) 10th April
(D) 12th April

Q78. The term restaurant originated in which country
(A) Italy
(B) Germany
(C) England
(D) France

Q79. China had set up the world's first 3D-printed bus stop in which of its city
(A) Tianjin
(B) Chongqing
(C) Anshan
(D) Shanghai

Q80. Which is the first country in the world to legalize equal pay for men and women for the same work
(A) Iceland
(B) Denmark
(C) Greenland
(D) Norway

Q81. World's oldest university - "University of Bologna" is located in
(A) England
(B) Italy
(C) France
(D) Bulgaria

Q82. According to Ethnologue which country has most languages
(A) Nigeria
(B) India
(C) Indonesia
(D) Papua New Guinea

Q83. 'World Immunization Week' is observed annually in the last week of
(A) April
(B) July
(C) September
(D) December

Q84. Torah is the sacred book of
(A) Confucianism
(B) Zoroastrianism
(C) Judaism
(D) None of these

Q85. Helvetia is the Latin name of which European country
(A) England
(B) Germany
(C) Sweden
(D) Switzerland

Q86. The International Court of Justice is composed of how many judges
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 15
(D) 18

Q87. Each Judges of International Court of Justice have a tenure of
(A) 5 years
(B) 6 years
(C) 7 years
(D) 9 years

Q88. World Turtle Day is observed on
(A) 23rd March
(B) 23rd April
(C) 23rd May
(D) 23rd June

Q89. Which one is not a permanent member of United Nations Security Council
(A) China
(B) France
(C) Russia
(D) Japan

Q90. Which one is the world's largest artificial Island
(A) Flevopolder
(B) Palm Jebel Ali
(C) Palm Jumeirah
(D) Kansi

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