World GK Trivia

Q151. AGRICOLA is the bibliographic database of the National Agricultural Library of
(a) India
(b) Russia
(c) China
(d) USA

Q152. Which organ of the “United Nations” has Veto power
(a) General Assembly
(b) Security Council
(c) Social and Economic Council
(d) Trusteeship Council

Q153. Which of the following is the highest volcanic mountain
(a) Cotopaxi
(b) Krakatova
(c) Stromboli
(d) Vesuvius

Q154. Where is "Vulcan City" located
(a) Cuba
(b) Canada
(c) USA
(d) Mexico

Q155. Which of the following is known as "Selvas"
(a) Mangrove forest
(b) Thorn forest
(c) Deciduous forest
(d) Evergreen forest of Amazon

Q156. When was the African Union founded
(a) 2002
(b) 2003
(c) 2004
(d) 2005

Q157. Bosporus strait divides the continents of
(a) Asia and Africa
(b) Asia and Australia
(c) North America and South America
(d) Asia and Europe

Q158. Which one is the first city in the world to announced an "Ultra low emission zone" to tackle rising levels of air pollution is
(a) London
(b) Paris
(c) Tokyo
(d) Seoul

Q159. Greenland and Baffin Island is divided by
(a) Hudson Strait
(b) Davis Strait
(c) Yucatan Strait
(d) Torres Strait

Q160. Which of the following is the most extensive area of high population density in the world
(a) Western Europe
(b) East Asia
(c) Southern Europe
(d) Nile valley and delta

Q161. The highest density of agricultural population is found in
(a) China
(b) India
(c) Java
(d) Philippines

Q162. The coffee estates of Brazil are known as
(a) Haciendas
(b) Fezendas
(c) Huertas
(d) Llaneras

Q163. Which of the following regions is called "Balkans of the East"
(a) South-West Asia
(b) South-East Asia
(c) China and Japan
(d) Eastern Siberia

Q164. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is situated on the bank of the river
(a) Mekong
(b) Salween
(c) Menam
(d) Irrawaddy

Q165. The northern limit of South-West Asia is
(a) Red Sea
(b) Caspian Sea
(c) Zagros Mountain
(d) Hindu Kush Mountain

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