World GK Quiz and Trivia

Q151. Where the headquarters of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
(A) Canada
(C) Germany
(D) Switzerland

Q152. The World famous monument "Colosseum" is located in
(A) Spain
(B) Italy
(C) Austria
(D) France

Q153. Which country is the largest producer of cotton
(A) India
(B) Pakistan
(C) Brazil
(D) China

Q154. The best milch breed in the world is
(A) Deoni
(B) Holstein-Friesian
(C) Sindhi
(D) Chittagong

Q155. Which of the following country has the longest overland tunnel
(A) France
(B) Spain
(C) Switzerland
(D) Germany

Q156. Headquarters of European Union is situated at
(A) Munich
(B) Milan
(C) Paris
(D) Brussels

Q157. Which city is also known as the "City of Canals"
(A) Amsterdam
(B) Rome
(C) Venice
(D) Athens

Q158. Which of the cities shall earn the distinction of being the first Asian city to host the Summer Olympics twice (1964, 2020)
(A) Seoul
(B) Bangkok
(C) Hongkong
(D) Tokyo

Q159. Which was the first country to introduce VAT
(A) England
(B) France
(D) Japan

Q160. Diego Garcia is an island in the Ocean
(A) Pacific
(B) Atlantic
(C) Indian
(D) Arctic

Q161. Which one is the most saline water body in the world
(A) Lake Urmia
(B) Gaet'ale Pond
(C) Lake Assal
(D) Don Juan Pond

Q162. Warsaw is the capital of
(A) Cezch Republic
(B) Poland
(C) Lithuania
(D) Ukraine

Q163. Total number of members in European Union is
(A) 22
(B) 26
(C) 28
(D) 31

Q164. The Council of the European Union is located in
(A) Belgium
(B) England
(C) Norway
(D) Italy

Q165. Which one is not a member of European Union
(A) Switzerland
(B) Netherlands
(C) Malta
(D) Luxembourg

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