World History Question Answer

Q46. Which country was the only country that was expelled by the League
(a) Germany
(b) United Kingdom
(c) Japan
(d) USSR

Q47. The attack of Japanese Air Force on Pearl Harbour, an American Naval Base, occurred on
(a) 07th December, 1939
(b) 07th December, 1940
(c) 07th December, 1941
(d) 07th December, 1942

Q48. Which one country is considered the first nation to have adopted Christianity as the state religion
(a) Poland
(b) Armenia
(c) Albania
(d) Georgia

Q49. Which is the world's first charter of human rights
(a) The Cyrus Cylinder
(b) The Constitution of Media
(c) Bill of Rights
(d) The Magna Carta

Q50. When did the Universal Declaration of Human Rights created
(a) 1947
(b) 1948
(c) 1949
(d) 1950

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