World History Question Answer

Q106. Which Russian ruler is known as the "Great"
(A) Catherine
(B) Peter
(C) Ivan
(D) Alexander

Q107. Who was the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa
(A) Bartolomeu Dias
(B) Vasco da Gama
(C) Ferdinand Magellan
(D) Christopher Columbus

Q108. Which ancient civilization is known for its terrace farming and use of llama
(A) Maya
(B) Inca
(C) Aztec
(D) Egyptian

Q109. Which European country established the first colonies in the America
(A) England
(B) Portugal
(C) France
(D) Spain

Q110. Which famous temple is dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena and is considered one of the world's greatest cultural monuments
(A) Erechtheion
(B) Parthenon
(C) Areopagus
(D) Temple of Hephaestus

Q111. Which island was Napoleon exiled to after his defeat at the Battle of Leipzig
(A) Elba
(B) Malta
(C) Corsica
(D) St. Helena

Q112. In which year did Napoleon invade Russia
(A) 1810
(B) 1812
(C) 1814
(D) 1816

Q113. Great Wall of China was built as protection against the
(A) Huns
(B) Vandals
(C) Kouei
(D) Mongols

Q114. Who was known as 'The Man of Destiny'
(A) Hitler
(B) Lenin
(C) Stalin
(D) Napoleon

Q115. Magna Carta was issued in the year
(A) 1175
(B) 1215
(C) 1312
(D) 1380

Q116. "One people, One State, One Leader" was the policy of
(A) Stalin
(B) Lenin
(C) Hitler
(D) Mussolini

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