World History GK Question Answer

Q61. Which Ottoman Sultan defeat Byzantine Empire and capture Constantinople city in 1453
(A) Mehmed II
(B) Bayezid II
(C) Murad II
(D) Mehmed IV

Q62. Who was the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire
(A) Julius Caesar
(B) Nero
(C) Constantine
(D) Domitian

Q63. Who was the last Emperor of Rome
(A) Nero
(B) Romulus Augustulus
(C) Julius Nepos
(D) Julius Caesar

Q64. When the first communist manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
(A) 1848
(B) 1859
(C) 1872
(D) 1890

Q65. In which year the Act of Union passed which joined England and Scotland into a single United Kingdom
(A) 1702
(B) 1707
(C) 1715
(D) 1756

Q66. In which year Napoleon I crowned himself as Emperor of France
(A) 1799
(B) 1804
(C) 1807
(D) 1812

Q67. Who is known as the founder of the Rome city in 753 BC
(A) Julius Caesar
(B) Augustus
(C) Romulus and Remus
(D) Camillus

Q68. Who wrote the book Ninety-Five Theses , which is regarded as initial catalyst for the Protestant Reformation
(A) Michelangelo
(B) Martin Luther
(C) John Calvin
(D) Huldrych Zwingli

Q69. Which country first invented Gunpower in around 270 AD
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Korea
(D) England

Q70. Which pharaoh build the largest pyramid known as Great Pyramid of Giza
(A) Sneferu
(B) Tutankhamun
(C) Khufu
(D) None of the above

Q71. Who is generally consider as the first pharaoh of Egypt
(A) Menes
(B) Semerkhet
(C) Takelot I
(D) Tutankhamun

Q72. During which dynasty Paper was invented in China
(A) Xia Dynasty
(B) Tang Dynasty
(C) Yuan Dynasty
(D) Han Dynasty

Q73. In which year Russo-Japanese war was started
(A) 1894
(B) 1898
(C) 1904
(D) 1907

Q74. Who is known as the father of American Constitution
(A) James Madison
(B) George Washington
(C) John Adams
(D) Thomas Jefferson

Q75. Who was the second President of America
(A) Thomas Jefferson
(B) Andrew Jackson
(C) Abraham Lincoln
(D) John Adams

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