World Literature MCQ

Q61. Who wrote the book "Republic"
(A) Marx
(B) Socrates
(C) Plato
(D) Aristotle

Q62. The first tragedy written in English is
(A) Edward II
(B) Doctor Faustus
(C) The Jew of Malta
(D) Gorboduc

Q63. The last book of Gulliver's travels is
(A) Voyage to Lilliput
(B) Voyage to Brobdingnag
(C) Voyage to Houyhnms
(D) Voyage to Laputa

Q64. "Saki" is the pen name of
(A) Somerset Maugham
(B) KA Abbas
(C) Wilkie Collins
(D) Hector Hugh Munro

Q65. __________ is known as the father of detective stories
(A) Edgar Allen Poe
(B) Anton Chekov
(C) Aurthur Conan Doyle
(D) Judith Wright

Q66. "A Tale of Two Cities" Novel state the fact in following two cities
(A) London and Paris
(B) London and Berlin
(C) Chicago and New York
(D) Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Q67. The "battle of Philippi" appears in the play
(A) Othello
(B) Julius Caesar
(C) Macbeth
(D) King Lear

Q68. In which play does "Forest of Arden" figure
(A) A Midsummer Night's Dream
(B) The Merry Wives of Windsor
(C) As You Like It
(D) Macbeth

Q69. Who is the writer of the epic poems "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained"
(A) William Shakespeare
(B) John Donne
(C) John Keats
(D) John Milton

Q70. Who is the hero of Paradise Regained
(A) Christ
(B) Satan
(C) The Paritan Church
(D) None of these

Q71. "Honest criticism and sensitive appreciation and directed not upon the poet but upon the poetry" Who said this
(A) R.S. Crane
(B) I.A. Richards
(C) M. Arnold
(D) T.S. Eliot

Q72. Milton's 'Comus' is
(A) An absurd play
(B) A short story
(C) A masque
(D) An elegy

Q73. Milton's Areopagitica is
(A) a sonnet
(B) an epic
(C) a plea for the freedom of the press
(D) a play

Q74. The phrase "Willing suspension of disbelief" was coined by
(A) Wordsworth
(B) Coleridge
(C) Eliot
(D) Arnold

Q75. Who propounds "the touchstone method"
(A) Arnold
(B) Shelley
(C) Pope
(D) Dryden

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