World Literature GK Quiz

Q76. Who among the following believes that "poetry is the anti-thesis of science"
(A) Arnold
(B) Eliot
(C) Coleridge
(D) Keats

Q77. Which country does Shakespeare's Hamlet belongs to
(A) England
(B) France
(C) Denmark
(D) Scotland

Q78. Which character of Shakespeare has "the courtier's, soldier's, scholar's eye, tongue and sword"
(A) King Lear
(B) Othello
(C) Hamlet
(D) Macbeth

Q79. Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra" is based on
(A) Lodge's Rosalynde
(B) Plutarch's Lives
(C) Promos and Cassandra
(D) None

Q80. The sea battle of actium takes place in the play
(A) Measure for Measure
(B) Othello
(C) Antony and Cleopatra
(D) Macbeth

Q81. Who said "Tragedy imitates men as better and comedy as worse than they really are."
(A) Aristotle
(B) Shakespeare
(C) Dryden
(D) Bradley

Q82. The Chorus in T. S. Eliot's play "Murder in the Cathedral", consist of
(A) The women of Canterbury
(B) The priests of Canterbury
(C) The men of Canterbury
(D) The servants of Thomas Becket

Q83. Who accuses Arnold of "high pamphleteering"
(A) Eliot
(B) Pater
(C) I. A. Richards
(D) F. R. Leavis

Q84. Who is regarded as "The father of the English Novel"
(A) Joseph Addison
(B) Henry Fielding
(C) Samuel Pepys
(D) John Bunyan

Q85. When was the Lyrical Ballads published
(A) 1797
(B) 1798
(C) 1800
(D) 1801

Q86. The Essays of Elia was first published in book form in
(A) 1795
(B) 1807
(C) 1823
(D) 1829

Q87. Who died in a tavern brawl
(A) Shakespeare
(B) Bacon
(C) Sidney
(D) Marlowe

Q88. Who is the writer of Decameron
(A) Chaucer
(B) Boccaccio
(C) Dante
(D) Plutarch

Q89. Who has been called "The true child of the Renaissance"
(A) Shakespeare
(B) Chaucer
(C) More
(D) Marlowe

Q90. "For art's sake alone I would not face the toil of writing a single sentence". Who said it
(A) T. S. Eliot
(B) G. B. Shaw
(C) Thomas Hardy
(D) Virginia Woolf

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