Biology Quiz

Q1. Which one is the largest animal phylum
(a) Arthropod
(b) Mollusca
(c) Chordata
(d) Coelomates

Q2. Platelet is also known as
(a) Leucocytes
(b) Erythrocytes
(c) Thrombocytes
(d) Phagocytosis

Q3. Jellyfish belongs to which phylum
(a) Porifera
(b) Cnidaria
(c) Nematoda
(d) Mollusca

Q4. Cholesterol is not the precursor in the synthesis of
(a) Steroid hormones
(b) Bile acids
(c) Vitamin D
(d) Adrenalin

Q5. Ammonia is the main nitrogenous excretory material in
(a) Amphibians
(b) Turtles
(c) Tadpoles
(d) Reptiles

Q6. Ribozymes function as
(a) Genetic material
(b) RNA
(c) Enzyme
(d) Both (B) and (C)

Q7. Which of the enzyme is not associated with genetic engineering
(a) Exonuclease
(b) Endonuclease
(c) Ligase
(d) Lyase

Q8. Which of the enzyme is not associated with genetic engineering
(a) Estrogen
(b) Relaxin
(c) Progesterone
(d) FSH

Q9. Which is the smallest bone in mammals
(a) Patella
(b) Carpals
(c) Incus
(d) Stapes

Q10. Human eye can differentiate between colors due to
(a) Rods
(b) Cones
(c) Bipolar nerves
(d) Pigmented epithelium

Q11. A piece of DNA molecule that can serve as a carrier for the genes to be cloned is called
(a) Virus
(b) Vector
(c) Viroid
(d) Mycoplasma

Q12. The capability of a isolated single cell to develop into a complete plant is known as
(a) Apomixis
(b) Parthenogenesis
(c) Totipotency
(d) Somatic hybridization

Q13. Who is regarded as father of Plant Tissue Culture
(a) Haberlandt
(b) White
(c) Linnaeus
(d) Skoog

Q14. Ovules are not protected by ovary wall in
(a) Rose
(b) Cycas
(c) Petunia
(d) Eucalyptus

Q15. Which of the following structure is not found in a eukaryotic cell
(a) Ribosome
(b) Mitochondria
(c) Mesosome
(d) Golgi body

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