Biology MCQ Online Quiz

Q196. Sporogony of malarial parasite occurs in
(A) Liver of Human beings
(B) Stomach of Mosquito
(C) Salivary glands of Mosquito
(D) Erythrocytes of Human beings

Q197. The colour of a fish is due to
(A) Chromatophores
(B) Red corpuscles
(C) Melanophores
(D) Haemophores

Q198. Mammals are originated during the _________ period
(A) Carniferous
(B) Cretaceous
(C) Triassic
(D) Devonian

Q199. Which of this is called adaptor RNA
(A) tRNA
(B) rRNA
(C) mRNA
(D) rRNA and mRNA

Q200. Fluid mosaic model structure of plasma membrane was proposed by
(A) David Green
(B) Hilleir and Hoffman
(C) Singer and Nicolson
(D) Robertson

Q201. How are linked genes separated
(A) Crossing over
(B) Polyploidy
(C) Gene mutation
(D) Segregation

Q202. Among freshwater forms luminescent organs are found in
(A) Snail
(B) Coelenterata
(C) Ctenophora
(D) Insecta

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