Biology Quiz

Q61. Prothrombin is synthesized in
(A) Liver
(B) Spleen
(C) Pancreas
(D) Kidney

Q62. Who is known as the father of Botany
(A) Carolus Linnaeus
(B) Theophrastus
(C) Hutchinson
(D) Bentham

Q63. Oxygenated blood is carried from the lungs to the ___________ by the pulmonary veins
(A) Right ventricle
(B) Left ventricle
(C) Right auricle
(D) Left auricle

Q64. Which one of the following is a non-steroidal hormone
(A) Estradiol
(B) Prostaglandin
(C) Progesterone
(D) Estrone

Q65. Which one is the basic unit of classification
(A) Division
(B) Family
(C) Class
(D) Species

Q66. In which cell organelle, is the double membrane absent
(A) Nucleus
(B) Mitochondria
(C) Lysosome
(D) Chloroplast

Q67. Which of the following is structural subunit of DNA
(A) Protein
(B) Carbohydrate
(D) Nucleotide

Q68. Chromosomes are best seen in
(A) interphase
(B) prophase
(C) metaphase
(D) telophase

Q69. Which part of Rauwolfia plant is used to obtain the alkaloid reserpine
(A) Leaf
(B) Bark
(C) Root
(D) Stem

Q70. Which one is linked to evolution
(A) Extinction
(B) Competition
(C) Reproduction
(D) Variation

Q71. Down's syndrome is due to
(A) linkage
(B) inheritance
(C) crossing-over
(D) non-disjunction of chromosome

Q72. The wings of bat and bird are
(A) homologous but not analogous
(B) neither homologous nor analogous
(C) analogous but not homologous
(D) vestigial

Q73. Mendel's second law is the law of
(A) segregation
(B) independent assortment
(C) dominance
(D) polygenic inheritance

Q74. The genotype of a plant showing a dominant phenotype can be determined by
(A) backcross
(B) dihybrid cross
(C) testcross
(D) pedigree analysis

Q75. Release of water from plants as water droplet is known as
(A) root pressure
(B) transpiration
(C) osmotic pressure
(D) guttation

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