Biology Quiz

Q91. Caudex type of stem is present in
(A) coconut
(B) cocoa
(C) neem
(D) bamboo

Q92. RNA molecule that also functions in immune response is
(A) Ribozyme
(B) Agzymes
(C) Abzymes
(D) Exozymes

Q93. Parthenogenesis occurs in
(A) Frog
(B) Honeybee
(C) Man
(D) House gecko

Q94. Parthenogenesis occurs in
(A) Frog
(B) Honeybee
(C) Man
(D) House gecko

Q95. Which ecological pyramid can never be inverted
(A) Pyramid of number
(B) Pyramid of size
(C) Pyramid of energy
(D) Pyramid of biomass

Q96. Allosteric enzymes act as
(A) Catalysts
(B) Activators
(C) Inhibitors
(D) Catalysts and regulators

Q97. The simplest type of amino acid is
(A) Alanine
(B) Tyrosine
(C) Lysine
(D) Glycine

Q98. The most effective antibiotic against Mycoplasma pneumoniae is
(A) Tetracycline
(B) Streptomycin
(C) Penicillin
(D) Nystatin

Q99. Theory of chemical origin of life was postulated by
(A) Miller and Fox
(B) Watson and Miller
(C) Pasteur
(D) Oprain and Haldane

Q100. Genetic drift is a result of
(A) Variations
(B) Increase in population
(C) Mutation
(D) Decrease in population

Q101. Which group of organisms serves as the best indicator of pollution in a water body
(A) Plankton
(B) Benthos
(C) Nekton
(D) Neuston

Q102. Which antibiotic inhibits peptide bond formation in prokaryotes
(A) Streptomycin
(B) Chloramphenicol
(C) Tetracycline
(D) Neomycin

Q103. Cori cycle occurs in between
(A) Liver and kidney
(B) Kidney and gonad
(C) Liver and muscle
(D) Muscle and bone

Q104. A mule is obtained by crossing
(A) Jack and Jennet
(B) Jack and Mare
(C) Stallion and mare
(D) Stallion and Jennet

Q105. A sequence of DNA that has the ability to change its position is
(A) Cistron
(B) Exon
(C) Intron
(D) Transposon

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