Psychology Questions Answers

Q45. The general approach followed in the construction of interest inventory was first formulated by
(a) R. P. Singh
(b) E. K. Strong
(c) R. B. Cattell
(d) H. Murray

Q46. Information enters into short-term memory through a process is known as
(a) Recency effect
(b) Primacy effect
(c) Selective attention
(d) Repetition

Q47. In Social Psychological terms, Discrimination refers to
(a) Attitude
(b) Prejudice
(c) Group pressure
(d) Disadvantage

Q48. When a person changes his cultural identity, he/she is known as
(a) Foreigner
(b) Stranger
(c) Migrated
(d) Outsider

Q49. Who among the following is considered as a founder of social psychology
(a) Carl Jung
(b) William Wundt
(c) Alfred Adler
(d) Kurt Lewin

Q50. ‘‘Intrinsic motivation theory’’ was developed by
(a) Harlow
(b) Dollard
(c) Mark and Ervin
(d) Sigmund Freud

Q51. Acquiring new behaviour by observing other is known as
(a) Modelling
(b) Vicarious learning
(c) Imagined representation
(d) External reinforcement

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